The orchestra membership hails from Waynesboro and Staunton as well as communities as far away as Washington, D.C., Harrisonburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and places between. Some are students or professors from area schools, colleges and universities, some are highly talented community members with daytime professions in other fields, and others are professional musicians who enjoy the opportunity to play symphony music. Everyone comes together weekly for rehearsals, learning from one another and enjoying all forms of orchestral music.

View the list below to see the members of the various sections of the orchestra.


First Violins
Wanchi, Concertmaster
Jacob Roege, Assistant Concertmaster
Elizabeth Barron
Susan Christopher
Karl Durland
Christa Hoover
Annie Kim
Debbie Kiser
Lisa McDermott
Sharon Miller
David Preston
Braxton Rhodes
Kelly Wiedemann
Eleanor Wilson
Second Violins
Lianne Campbell, Principal
Haley Artley
Karen Chamblee
Karen Cox
Isaac Dahl
Kelly Donato
Holly Gardner
Birdie Hadfield
Angela Higgs
Patrick Keese
Robert Langellotti
Irene Ours
Jacinda Stahly
Joanna Stauffer
Abby Volcansek
Penny Ward
Vanessa Warner


Stanley Beckwith, Principal
Dani Abbott
Linda Barnes
Jamieson Bourque
Bob DuCharme
Claire Ober


Elizabeth Cantrell, Principal
Brian Helmke, Assistant Principal
Karen Fairchild
Beverly Frank
Linnea Grim
Karin Huntington
Matt Nelson
Audun Nelson
Ian Penn
Leslie Wilcox

Double Bass

Lindsay Lam, Principal
Andre LaVelle
Mitch Sams
Harvey Wilcox


Linda Blondel
Dr. Lise Keiter


Debbi Stephenson, Principal
Laura Jean Brand
Rick Pennington


Rick Pennington


Gabriela Dech, Principal
Diane Harrington

English Horn

Rebecca Snead


James Tobin, Principal
Carissa Petzold


Suzanne Pattison, Principal
Patricia Holland

Contra Bassoon

Patricia Holland


Catherine Creasy, Principal
Carrie Blake
Jeremy Loy
Sarah Zotian


Nick Harvey, Principal
Clint Linkmeyer


Andrew Lankford, Principal
Tom McKenzie
Kyle Remnant (Bass trombone)


Barry Slayton, Principal


Charlie Nesmith


Charlie Nesmith, Principal

Emeritus Members

Ross Ahlhorn*
Evan Amoroso
Tyler Bare
Elizabeth Benzinger
Susan Black *
Melissa Bowles
Claire Brooks
Jessica Brtva
Ben Cash
Joshua Cole
Catherine Creasy
Chris Custin
Mixon Darracott
Gary Elwell *
Susan Felton
Claire Fortenberry
Charlie Gasque
Jason Guira
Nancy Handley
Polly Haynes
Chad Howard
Paul Kim
Candace Kluesner *
James Kluesner *
Heather Lankford
Niki Lendvay
Stephen Layman
Elizabeth Lohr-Myers
Teresa Lykins
David McCormick
Emilie Mehrtens
Sophie Mello
Joelle Miller *
Robert Mott
Kevin Newton*
Zac Nicely
John Pappas
Bruce Penner *
Sarah Peterson
Jacob Roege
CJ Sciara
David Snively*
Karen Snively *
Peter Spaar
Eric Stassen
Jenny Taylor
Rachel Towns
James VanDyke
Brandon Walsh

*Principal Chair