• Noteworthy Giving, What is it?
  • Many members of our community who support our symphony have already made provisions to create a charitable investment for the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra through their estate plans. Whether you name WSO in your will or trust, a beneficiary of a retirement plan, stock or other assets, life insurance, or charitable gift annuity; incorporating charitable gifts in your estate plan may allow you to give a greater gift later than you may comfortably give during your lifetime.

  • Meet Legacy Society Members
  • Virginia Ross: Virginia Ross (Ginny) loved people and loved life. She also loved Waynesboro and was instrumental in supporting many nonprofit endeavors. Ginny was an avid supporter of The Waynesboro Symphony and designated a portion of her estate so that the Symphony might further its mission.

    Mary Louise Leake: “The Symphony has brought me hours of pleasure and the String School has introduced music to children who might never have experienced the joy of making music. I want these experiences to last beyond my lifetime.”

  • Request our Brochure
  • Noteworthy Giving – WSO Legacy Society This brochure details various avenues of legacy giving and ways for you to receive more information. Please email us at waynesborosymphony@gmail.com to have a brochure mailed to you.

  • Contact Us
  • 434-284-1323 or waynesborosymphony@gmail.com We can join you in a confidential conversation about options available specifically for you. Your estate attorney or financial planner may also contact us on your behalf.