The Board is elected annually. Including orchestra musicians and non-musicians, the Board works to improve programming, fund raising and the many other facets of orchestra operations. If you have an interest in serving on our board, please bring your interest to the attention of Charles Salembier.

Charles Salembier President
Bill Shook Treasurer
Peter Wilson Music Director
Gabriela Dech Secretary & Personnel Manager
Wanchi Huang Concertmaster
Gabriela Dech Orchestra Manager
Laura Jean Brand Stage Manager
Lisa McDermott Librarian
Anne Seaton Development Director
Mark Catron Development
Robert Harris Development
Laurel Cartwright General Operations
Alyssa Anne Mezzoni PR & Communications


Elizabeth Gatewood Advisor
Mary Wahlstrom Advisor
Richard Wilson Advisor
Dr. Lise Keiter MBU Representative


Susan Black Emeritus
Leola Burks Emeritus
Cathy Cunningham Emeritus
Kathy Gunther Emeritus
Betty Hausrath Emeritus
Louis Hausrath Emeritus
Judy Jones Emeritus
Bill Jongeward Emeritus
Debbie Kiser Emeritus
Patty Lam Emeritus
Gail Mann Emeritus
Margaret Pinkston Emeritus
Kathy Poindexter Emeritus
Nancy Ross Emeritus
Ellen Schorsch Emeritus
Bonnie Weber Emeritus
Harvey Wilcox Emeritus