Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra String School

The String School is operated by the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra to provide violin, viola, cello and bass instruction to area students. String School offers weekly individual instruction and accepts students of all ages. In 2006, we added a “String School Ensemble” for intermediate students to learn techniques needed for orchestral participation, to enjoy the experience of playing together and to begin performing their music out in the community. We are working to expand this concept into a Youth Orchestra. Lessons and Ensemble are held in the afternoons at Kate Collins Middle School.
Exciting New Program
The Waynesboro Symphony, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club and with the generous support of the Virtu Foundation has embarked on a mission to bring music into the lives of young students through the study of string instruments. In the first class,aspiring violinists, ten from the Waynesboro Club and ten from the Staunton Club, along with their teacher, Anna Kobylski, presented concerts at the Staunton Mall and the Augusta Health Center. They were also featured in a Channel news segment which you can view at “Valley Boys and Girls Club Adds Music NBC 29. “
The instruments, books and lessons are offered free of charge to students who demonstrate the desire, talent and commitment it takes to successfully learn how to play a violin or viola. This year the teacher is Karen Hopley and the program has grown to 50 students.
While the Virtu Foundation has provided the funds and instruments to start the program, both the Symphony and the Boys and Girls Club are working to continue this endeavor. If you are interested in obtaining more information about the program, you can contact the director of the Boys and Girls Club or Charles Salembier, President of the Waynesboro Symphony.

Please contact Patty Lam with any questions, or for additional information call 540-942-1659.