We would like to thank the following supporters of the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra:

Legacy Society
WSO patrons who have remembered the Symphony in their Estate Planning

Mary Louise Leake

Mollie McCurdy

Mrs. Virginia H. Ross


Star ($5000<)

Laura Jean and Asher Brand

Jeane Custin

Gib and Lynn Stevenson

Maestro ($2500– 4999)

Brig. General and Mrs. William Alexander

Mrs. Beverly Brown

Community Foundation Central Blue Ridge

Betty & Ed Dinwiddie

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Mr. Rudolph Yobs

Director ($1000– 2499)

Bobbie and Mark Bonar

Joe and Susan Davis

Pete and Beverly Frank

John Frazee Jr

Jake and Deborah Kleinschuster

   In memory of Gene Wood

David and Rosalyn Preston

Dick and Judy Schilling

Fred and Alison Schultz

    To honor Drs Laura Jean and Asher Brand

Drs. Mary J Wahlstrom & John Casey

Mary and C. B. Wilson

Concertmaster ($500– 999)

Gregory and Jacquelyn Bednarz

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cunningham0

The Event Center at Turk Mountain

Patricia Hunt

Peggy and Steve King

Frank and Betty Lucente

Thomas McKenzie

Frank and Beverly Purstell

Dr. Mitch and Marion Sams

Gary and Linda Scrogham

Sheetz Inc

Bob and Bonnie Weber

Harvey and Leslie Wilcox

Artist ($250– 499)

Byrd and Jim Abbott

Joyce Allen

Jon and Bonnie Barlow

Stu and Nina Crow

Shirley and Paul Dana

Jennifer Sulzberger and Bob DuCharme

Walter Flora

   memory Alice Von Seldneck Flora

Drs. Melissa and Samuel Hostetter

Karen and John Hudson

Annie Laurie and Mason Hulen

Lynda Sawyer

Robert Jochen and Christopher Smith

Gail Mann

Lainie and Joe Rainwater

Jim and Mary Ellen Weaver

Don Whiteman

Benefactor ($125– 249)

Albert and Vivian Attermeyer

Ms. Cherry Bourque

   In memory of Daniel Bourque

Stu and Nina Crow

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Howlett

Ann Mische

Merrie Ott

Fred and Bonnie Powell

Robert and Pamela Simpson

Susan Walker

Mr. Benjamin Wells

Patron ($50– 124)

Peter and Linda Aagaard

R. David Anderson 

Dr. Gil Ayers

Wendy and John Beiler

Monica and Richard Bronski

Ruth Cameron

Karen Chamblee

Roxanne Chandler

Dale and Janice Coffey

Sara and Steve Doherty

Jim Condon & Sherry Westfall

Mrs. Frances Craig

Barbara Creasy

Mary Alice and Charlie Downs

Patricia Drury

Julie and Joel Dwyer

Judith Erickson 

Michael Hartford and Linda Parker

Kyle Hausrath,

Carol and Bill Jennings

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Keeton

Laura Kirkpatrick

Dr. John Lanham 

   In Honor of Lisa McDermott and Mark Riggle

Susan and Patrick Long

Rosemary Maddocks

Charles and Jill Martorana

Barbara Matysek & David Snyder

Jean Morgan

    In memory of Robert Morgan

Betty Natoli

Charles and Mary Queen

June and Howard Ratcliffe

Marylin Riggan

Velma and Kevin Ryan

Lucille Salatin

Annette Schaff

Carolyn Sellers

Andy and Andi Shifflett

Jane and Denny Sigloh

   In honor of Bob Michael Sams and his      contributions to the orchestra

Thursday Morning Music Club

Joyce Tipton

Bob and Judy von Bernuth

Emma Jean Wise

Drs Douglas and Victoria Weiss

Ruth Williams Nina and Alexander Yagupsky

Donors ($1-49)

Terri Danneels

R. E. Harris

Ruth Ann Noblette

Karen Poos

Jan Reid

Cliff and Lynn Scott

Charlotte Shnaider

Dave and Lynn Wirth